Santa Susana Knolls, California
Santa Susana Book Cover

"Santa Susana" by local historian, Bill Appleton, is a 128-page, 9.5" x 6.5", softcover book with 200 historic photos, including some of the airport, Corriganville, Bottle Village, notable residents, citrus crate labels, and a 1932 photo of the Santa Susana Hardware store, which is now Aubergine Emporium. Available by mail order only. Download and print this order form. Allow about 4 weeks for delivery.

About the Susana Knolls HOA

When a group of Knolls residents recognized the 1969 incorporation of the City of Simi Valley as an excuse for urban sprawl, the Susana Knolls Homeowners Association —an official non-profit HOA duly registered with the State of California— was born. Also known as SKHA, they envisioned their newly formed organization as a means to protect and to preserve our unique community. Most contemporary homeowners associations belong to urban planned communities, are initiated by developers and assume the primary function of maintainence of the common areas. This conception of an HOA was never in the minds of the original SKHA founders. Rather they realized that, if they wanted to keep what made us different and unique from the city, the SKHA needed to be more about action and bringing the community together for self perservation!

During the 44 years since its founding, there have been many changes in the Knolls but the one thing that has remained constant is the desire of the SKHA and the community to preserve the quality and character of the Knolls. Many people have come and gone since the inception of the SKHA including most of the original founders. Their spirit, however, lives on in the many dedicated people who continue to fight to keep the urban sprawl out of our community and to maintain the rural nature that makes the Knolls a community treasure.

The strength of the SKHA and the future of our community depend on all of us working together with the same passion and desire that inspired the founding members in 1969 to preserve the quality and character of this wonderful place we all call home.