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January 2013 — N 1301

URGENT Help Needed and Development Update

The Planning Commission meeting for the Colton Lee development is tentatively scheduled for January 31, in the afternoon in Simi Valley. That’s the good news, that the meeting will be local so we are hoping we get a good turnout. When the date/time is finalized we will let you know right away. We ALL have to attend this meeting. If we don’t get a huge turnout then the Planning Commissioners think the development is ok with the neighborhood. We will be having a Community meeting prior to the Planning Commission meeting. We are working on getting a location and are hoping to have the meeting within the next week – stay tuned!

Here’s the HELP NEEDED part:

The HOA lawyer said we should do a video about our neighborhood and highlight people that live along Katherine Road that will be the most negatively impacted if the road widening happens. We think showing the beautiful side of our neighborhood and citing the impacts of this development is a great idea and a video is the only way that the Planning Commissioners will get a first-hand look as they will not make a site visit.

WE NEED SOMEONE TO MAKE THE VIDEO!! Do you or do you know of someone that would do that for the neighborhood? We have a fast and urgent need to get this done ASAP. We need it completed before the 24th of January.

PLEASE send an email to if you can help.

Katherine Road Updates – We are in danger of losing the tree canopy that lines Katherine Road!!!!!

Below are updates on Katherine Road right-of-way and the ‘walk’ with Supervisor Foy. The road widening will require the removal of some trees and would endanger about 200 more that would be affected by having pavement put very close to their trunks. Many of these trees will potentially die, forever damaging the tree canopy that we all enjoy.

Katherine Road and the Right-of-Way Issue

Even with the final EIR the Right-of-Way (ROW) is a huge issue for this development. The developer has to have the entire ROW to be able to move forward with the development. There are a few areas of Katherine where it is known that the ROW is NOT owned by the county. We are going to try and determine those areas and see if we can talk to the homeowners. The homeowners are not required to sell to the developer and if there is not a willing seller then the only way they can get the ROW is by eminent domain and the county would most likely not go in that direction for a development of this nature. If anyone has any information on any of these properties please let us know.

Also, if you hear of anyone trying to buy or inquire about the Right of Way along Katherine Road let us know about that too!

Katherine Road ‘walk’ Update

When Supervisor Foy attended the HOA meeting in September he indicated that he wanted to do a walk of Katherine Road with concerned neighbors  and the developer to review the impacts of the potential road widening. Now that the EIR is final we have asked when and if the road walk will happen. We haven’t heard back yet, but will keep you all informed as soon as we do.

The Final EIR for the Colton Lee Development (on the former Horse Ranch) this info was sent via email on December 26, 2012. The EIR is complete and available on the County website at:

Now that the FEIR (Final Environmental Impact Report) is completed, the county is not required to respond to any further comments submitted, however, for purposes of CEQA, we do want to make a record of any errors in the FEIR and therefore your input on erroneous conclusions based on an incorrect understanding of the facts or a misstatement of the facts would be helpful.

What is CEQA?

CEQA, or the California Environmental Quality Act, is a statute that requires state and local agencies to identify the significant environmental impacts of their actions and to avoid or mitigate those impacts, if feasible.

If you find any incorrect or misstated information in the FEIR please send an email to

The Planning Commission meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, January 31 at 1:00, in Simi Valley.

Waste Management – Contract Negotiations are coming  Questions from the neighborhood!!!!

Thank you to the neighbors that responded to this inquiry. We are still collecting information so if you have any additional suggestions let us know!

At the Homeowners meeting at the end of September with Supervisor Foy, we discussed the service provided to the Knoll’s by Waste Management. We followed up with Jeff Pratt from the County. The Knolls pays the highest rate in the area, receives the least service, that is green waste one week recycling the other, and has no senior discounts.

It has been suggested as our contract will be reviewed and renewed in the upcoming year that we let the County know what we would like to see addressed in our next contract. What would you like to see in the new contract – weekly recycling/green waste pickup, senior discounts, more free dump days, what else???? We need to send a prioritized list to the county soon so please get us your suggestions ASAP!! Anyone with ideas, suggestions or an interest please contact us at

Help us keep the Knolls Informed

The HOA does not have contact info for the majority of the neighborhood. It would be helpful if you would talk to your neighbors about sending us their email address so we can add them to our neighborhood list. We keep the list private (really!) and do not share the email addresses with anyone. We also only send out information about the neighborhood – no spam. To join our list to receive this newsletter and other information about the neighborhood send an email request to

Susana Knolls HOA Meetings

Susana Knolls HOA meetings are held every other month, on the First Tuesday of that month at 7:00 at the Depot. Join us for our next meeting on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.

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