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In 2004 we all wore red shirts to the Board of Supervisors meeting where we successfully deterred a high density re-zoning attempt. In bright red, this t-shirt is a must-have for all Knolls residents— especially when we go to future county meetings about re-zoning issues this fall. You can purchase your shirt at Save The Knolls T-Shirt

Don't wait to the last minute, these shirts take two to three weeks to deliver! Of course, these t-shirts are not required attire, but they are cool!

January 2013

Planning Commission Meeting
On the Katherine Road Widening and the Colton Lee Development

When: Thursday, January 31, 2013

Where: Simi Valley City Council Chambers, 2929 Tapo Canyon Road,

Time: 10:00AM

We ALL have to go to this meeting. We have to voice our concerns about this development to the Planning Commissioners. If we DO NOT show up in force they will think that the destruction of Katherine Road and our neighborhood is OK with us. We all know that it's definitely NOT! We need everyone to come to the meeting and bring friends—lot's of friends and neighbors. While we do need people to speak at the meeting you don’t have to! But you do need to come and fill out a ‘against this proposal’ card. Wear a red shirt (if you can) or even a red hat. When we went to the Board of Supervisors meeting in 2004 we had a sea of over 300 people wearing red. It was an amazing sight!

You can read the Staff Report for the January 31st Planning Commission hearing regarding the Colton Lee project by downloading it from the Planning Division's website at this link—
(NOTE: The report is 190MB and could 20 minutes or longer to download depending on your internet connection spreed.)

We know this meeting is during the day and it is hard for people to take off from work, but we cannot stress enough the importance of the entire community attending it—even if you can only show up for the first 30 minutes. The good thing is that the meeting is in Simi Valley and not in Ventura! See map.


Residents Speak Out FOR the Knolls.

Please follow the link below to the magnificent video about our neighborhood. A very special thanks to Ray DiZazzo for all his work to make this video happen. We had a very tight schedule and had to deliver this video to the County by noon 1/23 and thanks to Ray we were able to meet this deadline in plenty of time.


Knolls Video

Watch the video on YouTube.

We still have 3 SaveTheKnolls red t-shirts available for purchase right now!

We have 2 Large and 1 X-Large t-shirts left from our initial order. For $30 cash you can have one of these t-shirts delivered to your door on Monday or Tuesday (1/28 or 1/29) by one of our volunteers. Go to the "Contact Us" link above or here and send us an email with your order. Be sure to include your street address. (You could order a t-shirt online from the notice above and right, but that order will take 2-3 weeks to fill.)