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These bright red t-shirts have become a neighborhood fashion must-have for all Knolls residents— especially when we go to future County meetings about re-zoning in our community. You can purchase your shirt at Save The Knolls T-Shirt

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January 2015 — N 1501

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Next HOA Meeting

The next HOA meeting will be the first Tuesday of February 2015 (2/3/15) at 7:00PM at the Depot (at Pass and Katherine Rds.)

Knolls Holiday Enchantment

What a joy it always is turning off the Pass Road and pulling into the Knolls. But this Christmas was spectacular, so many of you brought us extra joy with your amazing decorations. It was not only Katherine where the lights shone brightly, but all around the Knolls, homes and even an old Chevy got lights. We fear the secret of the Magical Christmas Knolls might leak out and we could become the Candy Cane Lane of Ventura County!!


Mail Theft 

There have been reports of mail theft in the Knolls – predominately on Oak Grove, but in other locations as well. Be sure to get you mail in quickly and be careful what you leave out for mail pick up. If you see any suspicious activity please report it to the Ventura County Sherriff’s at (805) 654-9511.


Zoning Change

This information is posted on the South East Corner of Smith Road and The Pass Road:

Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Development Case No PR681 Proposed on this site General Plan Amendment Pre-Screening conceptual land use change from Commercial Recreation to Residential High Density. Public Hearing January 26th 2015 6 30 pm at Simi Valley City Hall. For information call City Hall 805-583-6789 or Roshawn Helmandi 661-565-4993

It is important that we go to the hearing at City Hall on January 26th. High density so close to the Knolls and on the road to Corriganville Park is a bad idea for many reasons; there is no bus route, markets, doctors or other services, etc. for people, especially families with limited transportation. It would seem more appropriate if changing the zoning to residential to mirror the rest of the residences on the street and provide horse properties, ½ or 1 acre parcels. High density at this location is not appropriate for the area.


Ventura County Fails Us Again

Coming Soon: 11 bedroom house across from
the old fire station

Ventura County Planning approved an 11 bedroom—each room with exterior facing doors—house construction for the corner of Katherine, Katherine and Cypress. (the empty lot across from the old fire station). An 11 bedroom structure with exterior facing doors is no residence, it’s some form of hotel or motel. Perhaps it may even be a rental room boarding-house. By what logic the County permitted this weird new construction at this time or allowed themselves to be so duped about what the new construction really is, is incomprehensible. It may be too late to stop the ground breaking, but it’s not too late to let the County know how callous and lacking in common sense their over-sight of the zoning regulations in our neighborhood is (and has been for many many years!).

You can email our supervisor and the entire board using the addresses at this link. The County Planning Dept. Discretionary Director’s email address is

Also there are obvious county right of way issues. The geometry math of home construction suggests that one cannot build a one-story 11 bedroom house plus guest house on a smallish lot without infringing on the County’s Right of Way so let Dave Fleisch—Director, Transportation Department —know about it too. He is at

Newsletter Contribution

Do you have an interesting story about the neighborhood? Did you come in contact with wildlife recently? Is there something that the neighborhood should know about? We encourage everyone in the neighborhood to submit articles that would be of interest to our community. Please send your articles to

Living With The Wild

Barn Owls and Your Rats

Rat populations in the Knolls can be a little daunting. Destructive creatures, rats like to nest in woodpiles, attics, garages, sheds, and even in underground burrows, should their colony numbers become high enough. So how do we control these unwanted guests? Poison is never the answer, particularly since the Knolls is home to many wild and wonderful predators. Anti-coagulant poisons are indiscriminate killers, slowly and cruelly causing any animal that is unlucky enough to ingest it rat, mouse, dog, cat, squirrel, rabbit, raccoon, skunk, human bleed out and die a slow and agonizing death. Poisons stay in the food chain, creating a devastating wave of death as any animal that eats a poisoned animal also receives a lethal dose of poison.

Scientific studies prove that rodent poisons are a leading cause of death among carnivores. Rodenticides kill the targeted species, but also end up killing other animals such as Golden Eagles, Great-horned Owls, Barn Owls, Hawks, Kestrels, Turkey Vultures, Black bears, Foxes, Snakes, Skunks, Raccoons, Bobcats, Coyotes, Mountain Lions, among others.

Ironically, poisoning rats creates more problems and more rats, as its natural predators are killed!

Never fear... the Barn Owl is here!


In addition to simply eliminating rodent food sources on the property, keeping trash covered, the best way to control our rodent population is natural predation. Being nocturnal, owls, such as Barn Owls, Screech Owls and Great Horned Owls, are rat-eating machines! Barn Owls are the best night hunters, and can hear the prey's beating heart at a great distance. Barn Owls nest in holes in trees (another reason to keep our oak trees safe!), cliff ledges and crevices, and in human structures, including barn lofts, houses and manmade nest boxes. A Barn Owl nestbox is a safe, inexpensive, and food-chain-friendly way to keep our natural Knolls environment in balance. A nesting pair of Barn Owls can consume 2,000 rats every year. That's 2,000 rats that will not reproduce and take up residence in your garage, stash food in your car engine, or chew the wires in your attack! If you take into consideration the exponential birthrate of rats...that is 10,000 rats per year that Barn Owls eliminate!

So please, help keep the Knolls safe and natural and eliminate poisons from our environment! Keep your trash covered, eliminating a rat's favorite food source, and make your yard raptor-friendly. Consider adding an owl nestbox to your property!

This is a great source for buying or building a Barn Owl nest box:


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