Santa Susana Knolls, California
August 2016 — N 1608

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Next HOA Meeting

The next HOA meeting will be the first Tuesday of October 2016 (10/4/16), at 7:00PM at the Depot (at Pass and Katherine Rds.)


Knolls Station Update – From the Park District

Work on the Knolls Station continues with the opening delayed for another month or two. A report from the Park District tells us that they are working to get ADA (American Disability Act) approval for the building. The Knolls After School Club will remain at Knolls Elementary until the Knolls Stations opens, but will relocate as soon as the facility is open. We all look forward to having this new addition to the Knolls!

Protect SSFL (Santa Susana Field Lab) Cleanup -

Demand full cleanup before any consideration as National Monument or Rim of the Valley Parkland
Sign the petition at their website.

Ventura County General Plan Update

From the County website. The County of Ventura is working on a comprehensive update to its General Plan for the first time in almost 30 years. We are excited to make the update process open and accessible to anyone who wants to be involved and share ideas. The General Plan Update will help shape the next 20 years of Ventura County’s growth and change. The outcome of the update will have a real impact on the quality of life in the County. Some of the questions we will be addressing include: How can the County enhance public services and infrastructure? Where should new residential and commercial development be located? How will the County deal with its continuing water quality and quantity challenges? For more info visit the County General Plan website.
E-mail requests to Clay Downing.

Community Health Assessment

HEALTHMATTERSINVC.ORG is conducting an on-line survey for community health assessment. They will be attending our HOA meeting in October. You can take the survey at this link. More info to come as we get it!

SOAR Event – Artists for SOAR

Sunday, August 28, 4PM-6PM in Lake Sherwood. Purchase Art and Photos by Artists for SOAR. All proceeds go to support SOAR. Find more info at their website.

Sybil Scotford– A fond farewell

Sybil Scotford was a longtime Box Canyon resident and a fierce fighter for the environment. Before she moved to the Canyon she mortgaged her home in Studio City to help fund the fight to stop Paramount Ranch from being developed.

She moved to Box Canyon in the early eighties. She loved the Canyon and would organize people to pull weeds along the road so that the County would not spray poisonous chemicals on the roadside, endangering the wild animals and birds that Sybil loved so much.

We in the Knolls remember Sybil, who along with Holly Huff fought to save Rocky Pointe Park on Kuehner and the Eucalyptus trees on Smith Road.

The property on Kuehner had been slated for 28 homes and the enormous rock that Holly and Sybil had designated as a Historical Landmark was to be partially blasted to widen the road for the proposed development. Sybil and Holly worked tirelessly to save the property. They attended meeting after meeting. They spent their own money paying for reports, pictorial displays for presentations, brochures and more to convince agencies to give them grant money in order to raise the $950,000 to buy the property from the owner. “Never visualize a proposed development,” was Sybil’s mantra. As a result of their successful fight, only wild animals and birds live at the park, the rock is protected and intact and the oak grove still stands.

The Eucalyptus trees too still stand tall on Smith Road, but they have outlived Sybil who passed away on July 28th 2016. There will be a service for Sybil at Oakwood Cemetery on Lassen in Chatsworth on Thursday August 11th a 1pm.

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