Santa Susana Knolls, California
October 2017 — N 1710

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Next HOA Meeting

The next HOA meeting will be the first Tuesday of December 2017 (12/5/17), at 7:00PM at the Depot (at Pass and Katherine Rds.)


Third Annual Competition for The Grandest and
Greatest Holiday Houses in the Knolls

Inspired by our creative Knolls residents who have dazzled our nights for the last two years with their beautifully decorated homes the Susana Knolls HOA will again award prizes for the Grandest and Greatest decorators. Only the outside of the houses will be judged. The decorators need to be finished by December 16th. Judging will be done on Sunday, December 17th at night so make sure all of your lights are one! Please let your neighbors know about the competition, as some people may not receive our emails. If you see an amazing house please let us know the street. Send email to . We do not want to miss any of the houses when we are judging. Our Grandest prize winner will receive $100. The two Greatest prize winners will each receive $50. The competition is open to anyone who lives on the Knolls.

Susana Knolls HOA Elections

At the April 3rd HOA meeting elections will be held for the Board positions of: President, Recording Secretary and (3) Neighborhood Representatives. We are currently seeking members for the Nominating Committee. The duties of the Committee are to collect and disseminate the nominees for the open positions. If you are interested in working on the Nominating Committee or in running for any of the noted positions please send an email to: We look forward to working with members at large to continue to protect the beautiful neighborhood we all call home. Duties of the Recording Secretary: Shall keep minutes of all meetings of the membership, and of all meetings of the Board of Directors. Shall notify all Officers and Directors of their election; shall sign, with the President, all contracts and other instruments when so authorized by the Board. Duties of the President: Shall preside at all meetings of the organization and of the Board of Directors. May co-sign checks, drafts and notes, and in the absence or disability of the Treasurer, may sign in place of the Treasurer. Shall be ex-officio, a member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. Shall have such usual powers of supervision and management as may pertain to the office of President, and perform such other duties as may be designated by the Board. Duties of the Neighborhood Reps: Shall represent the residents of the Susana Knolls, serve on HOA Committees, assist the Board with other ad hoc duties pertaining to the Susana Knolls and the HOA.

Rats!!! And Wildlife

The Knolls is home to many different kinds of wildlife including peacocks, raccoons, skunks, fox, bobcats, and more. While we all love to see the wildlife, it is against County regulations to feed the wildlife. Feeding these beautiful critters results in unwelcome consequences, a couple of them being more rats and snakes in the neighborhood! The rats eat the leftover food and the snakes eat the rats. So, please enjoy looking at any wildlife that passes your way, but refrain from feeding them. They have managed to feed themselves all these years so will certainly survive! For more information on controlling rats download this info sheet from the Ventura County Resources mandement website. To read a Knolls neighbor's experience with rats and rattlers click here.

Help us keep the Knolls Informed

Help us reach everyone in the neighborhood. Talk to your neighbors about sending us their email address so we can add them to our neighborhood list. We keep the list private (really!) and do not share the email addresses with anyone. We also only send out information about the neighborhood — no spam. To join the list and receive this newsletter and other information about the neighborhood ask your neighbors to send an email to

Newsletter Archive

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