Santa Susana Knolls, California

Intangible Property Rights Manifesto

All resident property owners receive and are entitled to property rights resulting from the purchase of that property. These property rights cover both tangible and intangible property. House and land are tangible property rights and have a monetary value. Zoning is a intangible property. As a property, zoning has a monetary value which often represents a minimum of 20% of the home's market value.

An individual's or a company's property rights do not outweigh the collective property rights of the surrounding community of property owners.

Zoning changes always devalue the property values of existing homes in favor of future development and its developer and consequently represents an uncompensated theft of value from the existing homeowners. Any activity by an individual property owner which diminishes the value of either the tangible or intangible property rights of neighbors or the community as a whole shall be considered vandalism or theft, for which the victims are to be justly compensated. Donations by developers to community schools, parks districts, or similar community organizations will never be considered just compensation to victims of property rights theft.

Arbitrary changes to community zoning by city, county, or state governments brought about by an individual property owner or developer without a publicly measurable community mandate (i.e a local election referendum) shall be considered an unjust confiscation of zoning property rights. All affected property owners of that community shall be entitled to fair market value compensation not only from the governments involved but also from the petitioning property owner/developer the zoning changes favor.

All property owners who are victims of unjust zoning changes have the right to pursue fair compensation from zoning change perpetrators in a court of law.