Santa Susana Knolls, California
Santa Susana Train Depot

Santa Susana Train Depot.

Formerly located on Los Angeles Avenue in Simi Valley City, but now a minature trains museum and visual anchor to Santa Susana Park off the Pass Rd.


Welcome to the new Santa Susana Knolls website. Click on the links above and find out more about the Knolls and the community you may live in or may want to live in. Straddling the hills (aka the Knolls) at the foot of the Simi Valley side of the Santa Susana Mountains, the Knolls (as the locals call it) remains a rural community in an unincorporated area of Ventura County.

On moonless nights the mountains around us block out the city lights of Simi City and the San Fernando Valley so that one can see the Milky Way or meteorites shooting across the sky. The rough terrain has also meant that the Southern California urban sprawl has been unable to invade our peaceful community. Our streets and lanes wind around the hills like a scene from a pastoral painting and the rigid city street grid stops in fear at the railroad crossings at the entrances to our community. One can still see California's wild nature walking our roads...roadrunners, quail families, red tail hawks, screech owls and even the occasional benign but rodent eating California King Snake. We feel blessed to live in a community so connected to nature. So click around, explore, and you may come think so too.